Thursday, October 7th, 2021:
New York African Restaurant Week Festival

Sofrito Lovers, 

African food is highly underrated.  I agree, African food is getting some shine on social media right now, but overall, it's largely unheard of and ignored.  Events like the New York African Restaurant Week Festival emphasize, center, and acknowledge the incredible culinary styles of Africa.

If you're searching for delicious food, joyful music, and wonderful company, then make your way to the New York African Restaurant Week Festival in Brooklyn.  The festival features incredible food, cooking demonstrations, food competitions, and live music. I promise you a good time will be had by all. 

For more information, watch the video posted below and start making your plans now!  I hope to see you there!  I'll be the one eating copious amounts of Jollof and pepper soup with fufu.

Go taste yourself!  ¬°Buen Provecho!

FOOD (Over 12 vendors) - Food From Across Africa/Black Diaspora

(Nigeria), (Ghana), Chez Julia Mae (Trinidad/Haiti), Betty Ethiopian Kitchen (Ethiopia), (Haiti) (Guinea), Saharan Kilishi (Nigeria), (Ghana), (Congo), (Grenada), Mama Tee Catering ( Nigeria), Kombit - Earth Sunshine (Haiti),

MARKET PLACE ( 22 Vendors) - Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Arts and Crafts

Fashion/Accesories/ - Eldior Sodeck, The Brownstone Woman, Adinkra Republic, Worku Tezera, Stanhope Africa , African Memories, For The Culture, Mshelia Retail, Dafinas Boutique, Harriet Rosebud Hats, Fa African Boutique

Jewelry - Simitre, Ancient aura Jewelry, MP Dazzling Inspirations, Aset Intention Crystalz

Self Care /Health- Cher Vitality, Madawes Hair Products, Jireh Organics (Raw Organic products from Ghana), Martha Lewis, Shebah Naturals Rolling Paper, Awomi Naturals

Others - Cremas Absalon, Latin American Treasures,