Wednesday, March 30, 2022:
How To Make Lo Mien With Jet Tila

Sofrito Lovers,

We order it from every takeout American Chinese place we love.  It's those amazingly sauteed sauce covered long noodles paired with either beef, chicken, or shrimp.  I'm talking about the infamous, delicious, and surprisingly nutritious Lo Mein.  Were you aware that this dish takes minutes to make at home?  It's time you learned!

What can I say?  I love Lo Mein and I love learning how to prepare this dish from Jet Tila, the sexiest chef on the Food Network.  I watch his every video with bated breath and an excitement that rivals those teenybopper girls salivating over BTS.

Jet Tila has dedicated his career to exposing us to Asian cuisine, and to guiding us through the complexities of preparing these fantastic dishes.  Every time the Food Network YouTube channel posts one of his tutorials, I get a pad and pencil (old-school, right?) and write each direction, tip, and idea down.  He's amazing, and I hope I can convince you to become a fan as well.

Enjoy and learn from the easy-to-follow DIY cooking video below.  I cannot wait to make Lo Mein for my partner (and BearBear) David- I know he'll love it.

Go taste for yourself!  ¬°Buen Provecho!