Tuesday, June 7th, 2022:
Chef Melissa King teaches Jimmy Yang Chinese Comfort food.

Sofrito Lovers,

I am a huge Top Chef fan and my favorite Chef-testant (yes that's a word) of all time is Chef Melissa King, an openly Queer Cantonese-American Chef that won Top Chef: All Stars L.A.

I love Melissa; she's brilliant, sweet, and down-to-earth.  Her passion for Chinese cuisine, and desire to share it with the world, is inspirational.  Every time she's on Top Chef, I get giddy and giggle like a school girl-I have a big culinary crush on her!

If you're not familiar with Melissa, then watch the YouTube Video below, from Jimmy O. Yang's Channel, and enjoy her brilliance-Comedian Jimmy Yang is hilarious as well.  Watch, learn, and go cook!  After watching her, I'm sure you'll look up every Melissa King video you can-she's so wonderful!

Go taste for yourself!  ¬°Buen Provecho!