Monday, June 7th, 2021:
A Taste of Africa Square-A Global Cultural Event!

Sofrito Lovers,

As this great city of ours opens up, food festivals and street fairs are making a slow and steady comeback.  I have missed these festivals with a passion-BRING THEM ON!

Recently, I came across this Eventbrite for, "A Taste of Africa Square", and I started salivating!  Africa Square is a section of Brooklyn where various African small businesses are located.  I have never visited the square, but I have been told that the local food scene is amazing!  So when I saw this EventBrite advertisement for this festival I knew I had to share it.

African food (such a deliciously diverse concept) has become all the rage on YouTube.  To be specific, West African staples such as Fufu (pounded yam or plantain), Egusi Soup (a ground pumpkin seed soup), and Pepper Soup (a spicy soup) have become the focus of various mukbangs and taste tests.  This uptick in popularity has opened minds, broadened some palettes, and sparked curiosity of West African food.

So, if you are interested in having a culinary adventure, then check out information below and go have some fun!  Lord knows, we all need a break from the insanity!

Go taste for yourself!  Buen Provecho!

A Taste of Africa Square:

SUNDAY, JUNE 13TH, 2021 12PM-7PM

OUTDOOR (Street) - (BROOKLYN) TASTE OF AFRICA SQUARE - (for direction use 363 Tompkins Ave )- BOOST LOCAL BUSINESSES

About this event


(Brooklyn) Taste of Africa Square - TOMPKINS BETWEEN PUTNAM AND MADISON - (for direction add 363 Tompkins Ave in your navigation)

  • Catch up with friends and Shop + Eat + Celebrate (#supportsmallbusiness)

  • Market place with vendors across food, fashion, beauty, wellness and much more

COMMUNITY + CULTURE + GREAT VIBES - Local businesses, vendors & entrepreneurs across food, fashion, self-care, wellness, beauty design and more.

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