Friday, June 4th, 2021: IS SO GAY!

Sofrito Lovers,

Beer is so Gay!  Well, I think it should be, "Beer is so queer", for the inclusivity and the rhyme, but I digress!  Beer is becoming super Gay! Watch out cis-gendered hetero-men because the Alphabet Mafia (LGBTQIA+) is coming for your masculine nectar of the Gods!

All jokes aside, take a look at the article below which explores the rise of Queer-owned breweries and beer brands.  It also dives into the history of "sip-in protests", where Gay men would drink at bars that refused to serve homosexuals.  The article features links to the breweries and brief descriptions of the companies.  I clicked most of them and instantly started craving a  cold frothy 9 am in the morning-YIKES!

This pride month, support Queer-owned businesses and order yourself a six-pack or a case of Gay Beer, Dyke Beer, or from the Queer Brewing in the UK!  I'm sure they will be remarkable!  We're here, We're Queer, and We love Beer!

Go taste for yourself! ¡Buen Provecho!

Beer Is So Gay

A new group of brands is attempting to carve out space in the beer world for queerness

by Jaya Saxena Jun 2, 2021, 1:17pm EDT

Photo-illustration by Marylu E. Herrera

Ask what makes a gay bar gay and the answers will vary. For some, it’s the people who make up the customers and staff, for others the history. Some might say it’s the atmosphere, prevalence of rainbow flags or queer performances. What you’ll rarely hear, though, is that a gay bar is a gay bar because of the drinks. Yes, there may be cocktails with euphemistic names, but a shot is a shot and a vodka soda is a vodka soda. There’s nothing inherently queer about buying a drink. Only now, some brewers are trying to change that.

Gay Beer, Dyke Beer, and Queer Brewing are among the emerging group of beer producers that are centering queer identity and queer community, whether by highlighting queer brewers, donating some profits to queer charities, or creating queer third spaces — communal spaces distinct from home and work — at a time when they’re disappearing. The names are, as you can read, explicit and euphemism free. This is not “Equality” beer or “Love Is Love” beer. Instead, buyers will state clearly that they want a Gay Beer.

Gay Beer was created by Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino, business partners and boyfriends, in 2017. The pair were inspired while drinking at Julius’, a historic gay bar in New York City that was the site of early “sip-in” protests, where gay men would drink at bars that refused to serve homosexuals. “We were just having some beers, and you know, we’re beer drinkers and most of our friends are,” says Pazmino. Together, they were trying to figure out why there wasn’t already a beer positioned more for queer people, which led Moore and Pazmino to realize that gay beer was a project they could take on themselves themselves. “We went home and we just started talking about it. Is this possible? What does that look like? What does that mean? How is it impactful?”

Any “queer beers” that existed on the market at the time were mostly one-off brews from small craft brewers or outright novelties. They were “these sort of Pride seasonal things, but they were always really comical,” says Moore. Instead, what he and Pazmino wanted to create was, for lack of a better term, a consistent and good beer — not kitschy or campy, and not tied specifically to Pride. They wanted a beer that could compete with the Bug Lights and Amstels of the world. But of course, it had to be gay. For Moore and Pazmino, this meant that the queer community would be centered in their work, with a percentage of proceeds going to organizations like the Center, Housing Works, and Project Renewal. Consumption of Gay Beer, they decided, would be inherently tied to supporting the queer community.