Thursday, January 6th, 2022:
Happy Three Kings Day!  ¡Feliz Dia De Los Tres Reyes!

Sofrito Lovers,

¡Feliz Dia De Los Reyes!  Happy Three Kings Day!  You might call it Epiphany, and not think much of it, but for many Latin Americans it is as important as Christmas Day-sometimes, even more so.

Three Kings Day is the celebration of the  journey and arrival of the three wise men (or The Magi) to Bethlehem to bring the baby Jesus the three gifts of gold (wealth), frankincense (spirituality/life), and myrrh (death). The holiday symbolizes a Christian's journey to Jesus, Christianity, and Salvation.

There are others who remove the Christian themes and celebrate from a secular interpretation.  Some see it as a way to celebrate generosity and others see it as a celebration of a new life/new year.  There are others who celebrate the symbolic meaning of the three gifts (wealth-spirituality/life-death) and use these concepts to inform their gift giving.  Yes, you read correctly, there are gifts involved in this holiday as well.

As a Latin American child, you are taught to leave a box of hay and a cup of water under your bed so that the Three Kings' camels can enjoy a treat on their long journey.  The Three Kings will reward your generosity with a gift or three.  How cool is that?

Throughout Latin America there are many food-related traditions associated with this holiday.  Three Kings Bread (Rosca de Reyes) is very popular in Mexican, Central American, and South American homes.  In Puerto Rico, we don't really focus on the bread, if anything we Boricuas will prepare our usual holidays goodies and whip up more Coquito.

If you are interested in tasting some delicious Mexican Three Kings Day bread, then click the banner below for a Three Kings Day Bread Recipe from

Go taste for yourself!  ¡Buen Provecho!