Monday, January 3rd, 2022:
5 Winter Dishes to Warm your Cockles/Gordon Ramsay...

Sofrito Lovers,

Forgiveness is the flavor of 2022.  Let's start off with Gordon Ramsay, whose recipe for Pegao was both a travesty and insult to the Puerto Rican nation.  I'm certain that his five recipes to warm our cockles (what the hell?) will abate the impending chill about to descend on New York City.

After watching the video below, I think the creamy tomato soup and Shepherd's Pie recipes look incredible-I'm cooking them really soon.  I recommend you watch and take copious notes because Gordon's put together 5 simple DIYs that are mouth-watering.

If Gordon's YouTube channel has piqued your curiosity, then subscribe and enjoy his content.  He regularly posts recipes of various types of cuisines.  I suggest you avoid his Puerto Rican recipes-Yes, I am still bitter.

Go taste for yourself!  ¬°Buen Provecho!