Saturday, January 1st, 2022:
8 New Year's Foods to Bring Good Luck in 2022!

Sofrito Lovers,

If you were unable to engage in a fun New Year's Eve "good luck" food tradition, don't fear:  You can still salvage 2022!

The Good Housekeeping article below is chock-full of recipes and snacks you can enjoy today to ensure that 2022 is the year of you-hackney, huh?

Take a look at the article and cook yourself some noodles for longevity, cabbage for luck, or pork for wealth.  Who knew the secret to a happy life could be found in the supermarket?  I suspected, but now I have proof.  Get in that kitchen and cook yourself up an amazing new year!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  Go taste for yourself!  ¡Buen Provecho!

8 New Year's Foods to Bring Good Luck in 2022!


Even if New Year's Eve parties and grand celebrations are off the table this year, there are so many ways that let you keep your favorite New Year's traditions alive, whether it's toasting with champagne cocktails or scarfing down a hearty New Year's brunch. Setting yourself up for success in the year ahead is arguably one of the best ways to celebrate. 

For some people, that means making a New Year's resolution, while for others it simply calls for picking up a cute daily planner. But there's another, lesser-known tradition practiced by people around the world: eating a variety of good-luck foods on January 1st.

Certain foods, like noodles, cabbage, and lentils, symbolize good fortune in the new year. After downing plenty of bubbly and sweet treats on New Year's Eve, start 2022 off right with these New Year's good-luck foods that all promise wealth, prosperity and good fortune in the coming year. Take a note from different cultural traditions from a range of countries around the world as you make these delicious recipes, everything from green side dishes to crowd-pleasing pork dinners.

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