Monday, February 7th, 2022:
Aunties Try Each Others Meatloafs!

Sofrito Lovers,

Once again: Happy Black History Month!  Today, we are supporting Black content creators on YouTube by watching one of Cocoa Butter's amazing blind taste test videos.

I love Cocoa Butter, this channel produces informative and hilarious food-related content.  I appreciate their global perspective, and how they educate us about the African culinary diaspora.  I laugh, learn, and get inspired by their content.  Please subscribe and get ready to be edutained (educated and entertained).

Enjoy the meatloaf-related taste test below!  Did you know there's an African meatloaf?  I didn't, until I watched this video.  Go taste for yourself!  ¡Buen Provecho!  

Cocoa Butter on YouTube:

Cocoa Butter is a Black culture and entertainment channel created to provide a safe space for people of color on the internet to consume humorous, informative, and uplifting content. This channel is bold, funny, and not afraid to take risks. We have a responsibility to accurately represent people of color and we strive at that by creating content that showcases people of color authentically. We don’t just do it for the culture, we ARE the culture.