Friday, February 11th, 2022:
33 Innovative Recipes To Honor Black History Month.

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Happy Black History Month!  The article posted below is the first step in an extraordinary adventure through African Diasporic food.  The featured recipes are overflowing with creativity and passion.  They honor modern cookery, with ancient wisdom and technique.

Let's take this adventure together!  It'll be illuminating and delicious;  eye-opening and jaw-dropping; and inspirational and game-changing.  Are you ready?  Let's go!

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33 Innovative Recipes to Honor Black History Month
by:  EAT THE CULTURE  February  4, 2022

Black History Month is here. Started in 1976, it is a time when we make space to pay homage to the rich, deep history of African Americans and celebrate their brilliance, perseverance, and invaluable contributions in our society. One aspect central to this history is food, which is as diverse and nuanced as the Black experience itself.

Since 2017, Black food bloggers and content creators have come together to celebrate this joyous occasion by contributing recipes to the Black History Month Virtual Potluck. This year there is an exciting change: The potluck is now branded under Eat the Culture. Founded by Meiko Temple of Meiko and the Dish, Eat the Culture was established to create community-centered spaces that nurture, support, and amplify Black culinary creators. In addition to collaborations like this potluck, the organization also offers educational resources, virtual courses, and live events to help creatives elevate their craft and amplify the culinary heritage across the African diaspora.

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This year's Black History Month Virtual Potluck features more than 30 Black culinary creators who were invited to share dishes inspired by the theme “Afrofuturism Through Food.” A philosophical concept that emerged in the 1990s, Afrofuturism explores the Black diaspora via the intersection of imagination, culture, future, technology, and liberation. These inventive recipes stretch the confines of traditional Black diasporic ingredients, both celebrating the culinary ingenuity of our past and progressing us toward an innovative culinary future.

Participating blogger Marta Rivera Diaz of Sense & Edibility shares, “Most of the country and world sees Black food as limited to a particular region, language, or appearance. Afrofuturism grasps the notion of Black food as art and blazes the path ahead for even further culinary discoveries.”

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From Fonio Bundt Cake With Hibiscus Glaze and Salmorejo (Stewed Crab) Over Garlic Grits to Collard Green Hand Pies and Sorrel Martini Popsicles, this list includes mains, sides, drinks, and desserts that showcase our community’s vibrant origins, as well as the notable impact we continue to have on foodways in America and throughout the world.

Dive in to all the recipes below—and be sure to follow #BHMVP2022 on Instagram and Facebook to engage with the talented creatives and bloggers as they share additional content throughout the month.