Monday, August 2nd, 2021:
Pollo en Fricase/Puerto Rican Style Chicken Fricassee!

Sofrito Lovers,

It's a gorgeous Fall-like night and I am in the mood for some delicious Puerto Rican Style Pollo en Fricase (Chicken Fricassee).  Some of you might be asking, What is Fricassee?  Here we go!

Fricassees are similar to stews, except that they start off pan-fried and then boiled with vegetables and other spices.  Stews are just boiled from start to finish.

Pollo en fricase is a simple, delicious, and easy to prepare dish.  My favorite recipe comes from Chef Julio Rodriguez, a well-known master chef, author, and sometimes YouTube content creator.  I love his videos because you learn a lot, they're easy to follow, and he's concise.  He doesn't drone on nor does he over-explain his process.  It's quick to the point and very focused.  Also, Chef Julio is sweet and personable, it's like learning how to cook from your own abuleo (grandfather).

You can see Chef Julio's cooking videos on Ibrahim Gonzalez/Mambo Dervish Productions YouTubeChannel!  I know you'll love them!  Go taste for yourself!  ¬°Buen Provecho!